About Me

Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog.

My name is Shana, I'm 22 years old and I live in Perth, Australia. 

I've been card making since I was 8 years old, learning from my Oma (Dutch name for 'Grandma'). I used only a few simple designs but had great fun.
I've still got the storage trolley and even some papers and tools from back then. Of course, my abilities and skills have increased a lot - but I had a great time then and I still do now. 

I love creating and giving cards to others. I also listen to music or podcasts while I craft, enjoying the view of the carport of my bedroom window. This is a small operation! 

I live with my parents and 4 other siblings at home, and enjoy playing music, watching movies and spending time with my friends.
I also work full time in sales administration at a real estate agency. I wish I had more time for crafting but I work with what I have! 

I'm so glad you've stopped by and found my humble little blog. Feel free to get in contact. Ask questions, request themed cards, whatever you wish!

Check out my Instagram here: shanascards for more inspiration and images of my created cards.

With love, 
Shana xx

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