Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Fresh Peonies and Kind Cosmo (Technique Tuesday Greenhouse Society)

Hey Everyone! 
I must get back onto a computer with the express intention of writing a blog, instead of getting distracted by Tumblr. Whoops!
(I'm just doing the best I can)

I've got some Technique Tuesday Greenhouse Society stamps featured today. One design, two stamps, slight change in execution because THINGS CHANGE or I may have made a mistake...
That's life, isn't it?

These cards were both made in the same way. I first masked the rectangle section off, and then used my Memento Ink pad and just stamped away on the card.
I then marked off a small border where I would not colour, and freehand cut it out. The rest of the page I proceeded to colour with my markers.
I found some suitable sentiment stamps from the various Technique Tuesday sets that I have, and stamped them in the clear section on the card.
I then layered one card (below) with foam adhesive, while the other (above) I used thin adhesive strips. 
If you wish to layer the card, then cutting that initial border layer out is important. If you want the card to be one-layer, I suggest just drawing the boarder and then erasing the pencil when you are done adding colour, otherwise it's a pretty obvious break in the card, especially as you've masked the middle section. Hindsight is a wonderful thing...

That's it for today, just a quick post. Let me know if there's anything you'd like to see me write about soon!

Until next time,
Shana xx

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