Friday, May 1, 2020

Watercolour Experiments with the Royal Jasmine (Technique Tuesday Greenhouse Society)

Hello everyone! 

I'm popping in with another quick card using Technique Tuesday's Royal Jasmine flower!

It's been a busy and yet quiet couple of weeks. I've been without work for a month but I have the good news that I can go back soon! So I'll be back into the swing of usual business. In the meantime, I've had a chance to relax, spend time with my boyfriend and, of course, craft!

This card started with the Jasmine flower. I wanted to stretch myself away from my usual floral-based colouring and try something different. The blessing with practice is that you don't make any mistakes! (Well, you do, but you learn from them.)
I picked up my Aqua Flow pens from Tonic Studios and decided to go with browns, yellows and blues (whaat?) 
I have fallen in love with this colour combination! I really enjoyed just going for it - leaving some lighter spaces, learning to layer and mix the colours.

Once the Jasmine flower was finished, I had to think of a background to place with it. I decided to do some ink blending with the Wonky Triangles stencil from Catherine Pooler. I picked up yellow, green and brown ink pads from Simon Hurley Create which I absolutely LOVE - they blend sooo well! I enjoy my Ranger inks but they're on the small side and these large ink pads are gorgeous in colour and amazing to work with! Thanks Simon!

Finally, I embossed the sentiment onto a strip of Kraft paper and layered everything onto the card base. I hope the background colours complement the watercolours and I look forward to experimenting more!

Until next time,
Shana xx

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