Monday, May 6, 2019

Geometric Shapes - Distress Ink Blending

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to another working week!  Time is flying by, we're already into May 😰

Here's another fun card, using a number of different techniques and tools. It's super quick, and easy to do.

I love ink blending. I tend to go for Ranger Ink's Distress ink (there are so many colours!) For this card, I used tape cut into strips for the white angles, and then used blending pads. I love these colours together! 

I also used vellum for this card. I wanted more than just the white sentiment, but didn't want to hide much of the ink blending, so vellum was a great choice. I used my @KaiserCraft Rectangle die cuts for these two sections, as they have the added stitched border effect.

This card was inspired from @tubby_craft on instagram, she had some gorgeous colours on there!

The sentiment is from RangerInk's LetterIt stamp sets - I have almost all of these. They are gorgeous scripty sentiments ranging from greetings, to birthday wishes, to encouragements.
I'm not great at lettering, my flows always change and I find fault in everything! These sets, however, are so much easier to use. I recommend using a positioning folder and inking twice to make sure the colour (in this case it was black) is fully solid. 

Another note I'd like to make is the difference between using Distress Ink for blending and for inking up stamps. Distress Inks blend very well together, and as long as you don't use too much ink in one spot, you'll have a gorgeous balanced colour. As always, go light to dark. You can always add, but can't take away!
These inks are great for blending and such, but I don't recommend using them to ink up any stamps or sentiments. The colour is blotchy and doesn't give a smooth finish. I personally don't have many other inks that work well with sentiments, so if there are any suggestions out there that are decently priced, go ahead! In the meantime I use the few VersaFine and StampinUp inks that I have to get a decent strong colour.

That's it for today, I hope you have a chance to try some ink blending, and let me know how you go!

Have a great week, and until next time,
Shana xx

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