Monday, July 8, 2019

Embellishments - String on Designer Paper

Hello everyone!

Sometimes our best embellishments have been in the cupboard all along...

In my case, it's string! I found a way to use some gorgeous sting in these cards. This stuff is thicker than your usual sewing thread but not as thick as the 5-part knitting string... it's somewhere in between. Probably a cousin of twine, just without all the fluffy bits.
(Honestly now that I'm running out of it, it's been hard to find back in my local Spotlight.)

The struggle with string and twine is 1-how to keep it down and 2-how to make sure it doesn't bulge underneath your layers.
It's been very easy to add to my cards once I realised how!

A couple months ago, a company based in Australia called Columbus Trading reached out to me, asking if I wanted to trial using some of their products - specifically an adhesive. I said yes! (of course I did, it's free adhesive. Who would say no?) 
In no time I realised I could use those Glue Dots for more than just sticking down sentiment pieces. I went for the super strong, permanent adhesive rolls and played with laying down the string. Viola! The string stayed but I could still make small adjustments if I wished, and it didn't bulge on the other side when I used thick foam tape!

Let's just say that it's been awesome to have these glue dots by my side.
I don't use them for everything, but they are super handy. I've used them on runners and banners, on string, even to keep small confetti embellishments down (yes, they come in various sizes!)

Another thing about these cards - they all feature designer paper! Designer Paper is the name given to basically most patterned paper - obviously some are more 'designed' than others but that's okay.
It's every crafter's dream when gorgeous designer paper comes out and you must have it! But it's every crafter's nightmare when you don't know how to use it!? 

To feature patterned paper, your sentiments and embellishments shouldn't override the patterns, but they also shouldn't hide behind it. I hope that these cards reflect some ways of how to use patterned paper in your cards - I played with matching the colours and the ideas.

A quick browse through Instagram or Pinterest will show that most cards using designer paper feature the brand Stampin' Up. 
I love Stampin' Up because it's the first crafting brand I saw, back when I was about 8 years old (give or take...) 
My mum was invited to take me to a crafting party for young girls from our church group. I was already loving cards and being taught things by my Oma (that's the dutch word for Grandmother, btw). This crafting party showed me that there was so much more things that I could do! 

There is so much that Stampin' Up has to offer, however, I immediately notice how much they cost! I understand how the system works - I'm just not up for spending $150+ a month for $200+ worth of items. I'm glad that I've learnt the lesson of keeping hold of my pennies, and have access to the internet, so I can see there are heaps of brands out there, super cheap stamps etc and I've branched out heaps. Instead of spending the above amounts each month for one company, I've been able to spend less on multiple companies using those suppliers mentioned in my supplies page.

Well that's it for today! I hope you don't mind the ranting a bit. 
How do you go with adding string and other items to your cards? Do you use designer paper a lot, and how do you feature it? Let me know!

Until next time,
Shana xx

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